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Straightening out your smile doesn't have to be a pain!

Ashdown Dental Clinic is now able to offer braces!

A beautiful smile is an asset for your lifetime, and for a lot of people that will include braces at some point. Ashdown Dental Clinic's dentists will consult with you on the best plan of action, whether you're getting braces as an adult or looking into them for your child. Because we know that braces are an investment into your future, we want to make sure that you've got all your questions answered and all the information you need to be comfortable with this process.

Braces work by continuously applying pressure that slowly moves teeth in a specific direction over a period of time. The bone actually changes shape as the teeth move and pressure is applied. Sounds painful, right? Not really - you might have mild discomfort or soreness, but because our team knows the ins and outs of how to place braces, as well as how to adjust them, there should be no serious pain.

If you're ready to get the process started, call us or fill out our contact form today! We'll get a consultation scheduled and make sure that you or your child have a straight, perfect smile that will last a lifetime!